Where to Find a Costume Pattern

Where to find a costume pattern or the supplies you need can be a challenge if you don't know where to look. Here you will find resources to get you started. 

The easiest place to find patterns is with the commercial companies such as Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, Burda to name a few.

Dressing up and having fun is always a favourite pastime. We have a fascination with celebrity fashion in movies or tv. Making your own dress up fashion is a fun way to be creative with friends and family or as a hobby. 

There is limitless inspiration for DIY costumes, you don't have to buy one of the lesser quality costumes you find at Halloween, you find inspiration by searching online tutorials. 

Pinterest is a great place to go for "how to" videos and "step by step" DIY information. I look for inspiration for my  costume business and etsy.com shop daily to help me think outside the box and get creative.

Have a look at my Top Hat Costume Company Pinterest page for some ideas for Halloween parties or your next dressup event throughout the year.

Simplicity Costume Pattern

 Simplicity.com has the largest selection of dressup patterns to choose from. The company is regularly keeping upto date with the trends in entertainment, they have many categories and carry costumes in all sizes from children's to adult costumes. 

Burda Costume Patterns

Burda is a pattern company from Europe. Burda carries a smaller selection of dressup patterns, mostly historical fashion, however they do have other types of costume patterns as well. The images below are  examples of what they carry.

McCalls Costume Patterns

McCalls Patterns have a good selection of historical costumes, cosplay costumes and character costumes as well as Disney characters to sew. The patterns are easy to follow. I recommend going to their site just to look for inspiration for your next costume. Take a look at what the costumes look like and the fabric and colors McCalls stylist use. I often do this to get ideas. 

Butterick Costume Patterns

Butterick patterns offer good historical patterns. If you are needing to sew a costume for a play or your son or daughter needs a costume for a school project, this is a good place to find that type of pattern. Butterick does have fun dress up patterns, but I find it is limited. Below is an example of what you can find at Butterick.com

You can see that the big pattern companies are great places to go to find a costume pattern for your next event. If you are a bigginer sewist and cosplay enthusiast, this is a wonderful place to start. 

If costume design is a passion for you, have a look at this Edith Head book. She is considered one of Hollywood's greatest costume designers.  

Costume design is a wonderful creative outlet. No wonder Cosplay has such a massive following.