Childrens Sewing Patterns
Inspiration for sewing children's clothes

Childrens sewing patterns offer an economical option to buying clothing for your kids.

Most of us can not resist the small people fashion that is available in the retail stores. However, kids fashion can be expensive. Knowing I can go home and make an outfit for a little person is satisfying and practical. Sewing for kids is a great way to learn to sew.

The styles are simple, meaning there are usually no zippers, or difficult design instructions to follow.  

When you sew for your own children you know the quality and care that goes into their clothes. You can make each garment so it grows with your child . You can creatively make the hem to adjust to the height. As well you can make the waist line adjustable by putting elastic in the waist band. Another great reason to learn to sew childrens clothing? Sell what you make on

Childrens Sewing Patterns

Here are just a few children's sewing patterns available to you, there are many more to choose from, but this is a good place to start. 

A good rule of thumb is to buy children's sewing patterns that can be used for both boys and girls. As well, choose patterns with multiple styles in the pattern. You can mix and match an entire outfit for your son or daughter, with just one pattern and of course you can use it over and over. 

Child's Outfit Sample

The outfit above was made for my niece. I used two childrens sewing patterns, and came up with this outfit for her. 

My oldest daughter is grown now, but I started sewing for her when she was born. Sewing most of her wardrobe was an economical way to dress her in quality, adorable clothing. So I was grateful to be able to sew outfits for her using the children's sewing patterns my sister had given me. When she entered kindergarten, I believe I made nearly every outfit she wore. When my son came along it was a little bit tougher to sew, only because I had two children to keep me busy. However, I made things for him too. Please Mom clothing chain was very popular at that time. I would use their baby clothes as inspiration and make pants and shirts for my son. 

My two youngest daughters were the recipients of dresses and outfits I would sew for special occasions and Halloween costumes, but nonetheless I was happy to sew, whenever I could in between being busy with four kids. My younger nieces and nephews are the beneficiaries of my sewing now, using the same childrens' sewing patterns I already have.