Caring For Spandex Fabric "Did I Ruin My Spandex Jeans?"

by Joanne

I was just wondering if my spandex jeans are ruined? My jeans have spandex in the denim fabric and I put them in the dryer to shrink them a little. I meant to turn the dryer down on low and I forgot. They were dried on normal (high) setting. I was just wondering if this has ruined my spandex jeans.

Joanne Laite

Hi Joanne,

If you don't see any obvious signs of damage to the denim fabric, you are okay. Heat and strong cleaning solutions such as bleach are very hard on spandex fibers.

Over time heat and chemicals will break down the elasticity of any spandex fabric. In general though, if you are washing with regular laundry detergent and hanging, or like you say, drying on a low to delicate cycle, the life of your garments will be extended. If you dry on a regular temperature by accident one or two times it should not ruin your spandex jeans. Just keep in mind, hanging spandex wovens or knits to dry, is best.

I hope this helps :)

Have a great day Joanne and thanks for connecting with me.


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