Bohemian Clothing Style
Find out if boho clothing style is for you

Boho Style Fashion. What is it? Is it your style?

Is Bohemian Clothing style for you? Below you will find the complete guide to what this style is all about. From clothing, to shoes, to accessories, you will discover if this is your style or perhaps you will like just a few elements of what this style offers.

Either way it's a distinct look that is fun, and a carefree way to dress.  

What Is Bohemian clothing Style?

Bohemian clothing style has a care free look and feel, but it can be chic at the same time. In the last few years, the boho fashion trend has come back in an up dated 21st century way. 

Like the classic fashion style, your not worried about the trends. If this is your style, you enjoy the richness of fabrics and jewelry that are one of a kind. So what defines Bohemian Clothing Style?  Here are a few guidelines.

  • You wear one of a kind vintage or hand made fashion.
  • You enjoy the richness of culture and unconventional thinking.
  • You wear flowing skirts and blouses made of light and airy fabric. 
  • Long linen or velvet skirts are a warm weather must have.

If you are care free, and unconventional, chances are this is your clothing style. You may live some what of a gypsy life style, at least when you were younger.

You don't have to pay excessively for this either. If you are sewing your own wardrobe pieces or buying from retail ready to wear stores, shop at the stores with the best quality. Look in vintage shops and consignment boutiques. Look for your local Indian import shops. Eastern Indian cultures have wonderful fabrics and accessories. 

Iconic Celebrity Fashion

Most of us like to see what our favourite famous people are wearing. Here are some of the well know celebrities you will see in Bohemian fashion styles.

Stevie Nicks, Nicole Richie, Barbara Streisand, are a few examples of celebrity style icons that embrace the gypsy clothing style.

Boho Chic Style Wardrobe
The Colors You Choose


Bohemian clothing style  neutrals.
  • Rich Neutrals
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Royal  Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Camel
  • Rust Brown


Bohemian clothing style what colors do you wear?
  • Deep Plums & Purples
  • Burgundy 
  • Bright Reds
  • Golds
  •  Tangerine
  • Turquoise
  • Dusty Rose
  • Green
  • Tie Dye (any color)

Boho Chic Fabrics

Boho Chic Fabrics reflect nature and a sense of culture and tradition.

Bohemian fashion fabrics.
  • Silk Batiste
  •  Crochet Lace
  •  Suede
  • Denim
  • Cotton 
  • Light Weight Linen
  •  Soft Wool
  •  Silk Velvet
  • Beaded Velvet
  •  Corduroy
  • Fur

Bohemian clothing style

What does the destinct boho clothing style look like? Below is a guide to help you put it all together. 

Blouses & Cami's

Blouses are light and flowing. Wide flowing sleeves and strap tanks and camisoles are what to look for. 

bohemian clothing style tops
  • Peasant Blouse
  • Off The Shoulder  Blouse
  • Drawstring/Elastic Waist Top
  • Crochet Lace Tunic
  • Linen Beaded Tunic
  • Silk Flowing Cami's

Vests and Sweaters

Sweaters are chunky, over sized and the length is best to mid thigh. Choose a wrap style over a button cardigan. It should not look sloppy, just cozy.

Vests can be fitted and long enough to the hip. Or choose a beaded velvet bolero. Matched with a flow y skirt gives a nice silhouette.

Crochet ponchos can also be a nice alternative to the sweater. Worn with a pair of jeans and wedge heals is a nice light carefree look.

bohemian clothing style
  • Bolero Vest
  • Fur Vest
  • Crochet Vest
  • Chunky Knit Sweaters
  • Crochet Wrap Sweater

Boho Style Skirts

Boho Chic Skirts are light fabric, flowing styles. Think light weight linen, gauze cotton, silk or cotton batiste, silk chiffon. Peasant skirts are a classic bohemian style.A couple of things to remember: Wear your skirts slightly below the  waist. The waist to the hip, the skirt should fall straight as to avoid bulk and risk a frumpy look. The length should be to the ankle or below the knee.

  • Long Linen Skirt
  • Mosaic Print Skirt
  • Silk Wrap Skirt
  •  Peasant Skirt
  • Layered skirt
  • Denim Skirt

Boho Style Pants

Bohemian clothing style has a flowy feel to it. This is going to reflect in the silhouette of your pants as well.

Boho style pants

The waist, hip and thigh should fit snug but not too tight. The legs are wide from knee to the bottom. Look for fabrics that have a worn in look if possible. Even if you just bought your pants brand new. The length of your pants should not be too long or short. The front should cover your shoes and just dust the floor.

  • Wide Legged Jeans
  • White Trousers
  • Flare Dress Slacks
  • Corduroy Pants
  • High Waist Naval Pants

Bohemian Style Dresses

Boho chic dresses are long or knee length generally, with a loose flowing skirt. The sleeves should reflect a peasant look or no sleeves.

Cotton batiste, silks, rayon and light weight jersey, will give you the boho look you’re going for.

  • Wrap Dress
  • Maxi Dress
  • Chiffon Tunic Dress
  • Jersey Empire Waist Dress

Boho Chic Outerwear

Boho chic outer wear has a vintage late 60s and 70s fashion look.  

Blazers and Jackets

Blazers have wider lapels and jackets typically have large details, such as buckles, pockets and belt loops.

  • Shearling Jacket
  • Suede Jacket
  • Denim Jacket
  • Tweed Blazer
  • Fur Jacket
  • Silk Velvet Blazer

Boho Style Coats

To get the look for bohemian style coats, look  for long military coats, fur collars, shearling lapels and large wrap styles. 

  • Long Military Coat
  • Short Military Tweed Coat
  • Short Fur Collar Suede Coat
  • 70s Fashion Long Fur Shawl Collar Coat
  • Colored Hounds tooth Fur Collar Coat

Boho Chic
Shoes & Accessories

Boho Shoes

When your shopping for shoes, look for fur trim boots, crochet strap shoes, leather braiding, and wedge heels.

  • Fur Ankle Boots
  • Knee High 70s Boots
  • Crochet Strap Heels
  • Beaded Flats
  • Leather Flats
  • Espadrilles
  • Criss Cross Strap Flats

 Boho Jewellery

Boho Jewelry reflects nature, so look for semi precious gems and rich yellow gold. Eastern culture is a good choice.

  • Beaded Necklace
  • Gold Bangles
  • Stone Rings
  • Long  Layered Necklaces
  • Diamond Studs
  • Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelets
  • Dangle Leaf or Feather Earrings


Look for leather, macrame, velvet, or rich colored ethnic print weave fabrics. Bohemian Chic bags and purses tend to be on the larger size and cross body straps for easing carrying. For evening, look for beaded silk velvet purses.

Boho chic hand bags
  • Leather Cross Body Bag
  • Colorful Crochet Print Bag
  • Velvet Evening Purse
  • Tapestry Evening Purse

Bohemian Fashion Accessories

Bohemian style is about large scarves and hats and retro sunglasses from 1960 and 1970.  If you like to wear hats this is great for your style of fashion. 

  • Knit hats and hats with large brims, naval style caps
  • Large chunky scarves
  • 1960 and 70’s retro looking sunglasses

Sewing The Bohemian Style

As I said earlier, Bohemian clothing is easy to sew. There are plenty of sewing patterns, and wonderful fabrics to use in any garment you choose to create. The great aspect of this style is the fashion is quite easy to sew if you are first learning how to sew. 

Here are some pages you may find helpful to get you started. 

Sewing Patterns Guide

Sewing Fabric Guide

Sewing Materials Guide

More Fashion Advice

Boho Clothing Blogs I Like

Here is a boho fashion blog I like. There are many around the web and I will add more when I see interesting blogs to add. 


For more information about wardrobe and fashion leave bohemian clothing and jump to wardrobe essentials.

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