Ballet Tutu

by Eileen
(Chicago, IL)

Fairy Costume

Fairy Costume

What fabric is used to make a ballet tutu?

Ballet tutus are made with tulle. Tulle comes in many different weights and textures, for different types of tutus and pettiskirts.

Typically a heavier stiffer net is used for professional pancake ballet tutus. Stiff netting has larger holes and is sturdier. This type of tulle keeps its shape and rigidity when performing.

Lightweight tulle is commonly used for tutus, long skirt tutus, fluffy baby and toddler tutus and pettiskirts, and bridal veils and gowns.

The above images are some of the outfits I have made for my etsy shop. These are great examples of how tulle can be used to make skirts more full and add cuteness to an outfit.
Top Hat Costumes/

You can also use tulle when decorating an event or a wedding, it gives a wonderfully romantic feel to a room.

For a wonderful article all about tutus click here.

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