A Quick Guide To Snap Fasteners For Clothing Or Bags

by Mayra Cecilia

Way back when I was in my early teens, I had a favorite way of closing shirts, skirts, pants, and bags by just applying snap fasteners instead of a button.

I had a very good reason for that, I did not know how to make good-looking buttonholes. No matter how much I tried they did not come up good enough. Back then my machine had terrible capabilities which made it very difficult.

After two years of hand sewing, my father bought me a very simple sewing machine. The sewing machine was an electric Singer with a straight stitch, zig zag, and three step buttonhole, nothing else. I could change the size of the zigzag but not the length of the stitches, or vice versa… I can barely even remember, it was so long ago.

For a new girl at sewing, making my own buttonholes was a bit daunting because my fear of making a mistake was high. But I found that using snap fasteners helped me simplify my projects and enjoy the process more.

Here's a quick guide to snap fasteners for clothing or bags.

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