Sew a Dorothy Costume

Are you thinking of a Dorothy Costume for Halloween this year?

Does the Wizard of Oz hold fond childhood memories for  you? The Wizard of Oz  will remain a classic movie that entertains from generation to generation and the costumes are no exception. 

My youngest daughter was two when we first bought the Wizard of Oz DVD. She watched the movie over and over.

Wizard of Oz costumes are a natural choice for Halloween or any costume party.

Wizard Of Oz 70Th Anniversary Edition Dvd from Warner Bros.

Fast forward of few year later, it still remains her favorite.

When her friends were all going as Wizard of Oz characters for Halloween one year, she chose to be Dorothy.

I love making this costume for her knowing how the movie is her all time favorite.

My daughter wanted to embellish her costume a little, even though the traditional Dorothy dress is not embellished. The pattern called for ribbon embellishment around the neck and the sleeve bands.

I couldn't find any ric rac in color that I needed, so I used piping instead. I used a cotton gingham fabric, for the skirt and bib, and white cotton broadcloth for the top. To apply the gems onto the front bodice of the dress, I used fabric glue.

  • I used Simplicity costume pattern 4139. The directions were easy to follow, I did not make any changes to the pattern or dress as I was sewing. 

There are other choices for Wizard of Oz Costumes. Below are some of the other pattern examples you can choose from.

Fabric Choices

  • Here are just a few examples of fabrics to choose from.
Woven 1/8'' Gingham Blue Woven 1/4 Gingham Blue
Woven 1/4'' Daisy Gingham Blue Michael Miller Cotton Couture Broadcloth Bright White

Dorothy Costume Accessories

Costume accessories are a very important part of your costume completion. If you don't have to time to make your accessories and you need some help Here are some costume accessories to take a look at.

Ruby Slippers

The classic Ruby Slippers. What is a Dorothy Costume with out the shoes?

Judy (Red Sequin) Child Shoes The Wizard of Oz - Ruby Child Slippers
Princess (Red) Adult Shoes Red Glitter Star Flat Adult Shoes

Dorothy's Hair

Dorothy's hair is quite simple, but if you have short hair or your hair is of a different color and style, you may want to complete the costume look by wearing a wig. See some examples below.

Wizard of Oz Deluxe Dorothy Wig Adult Wizard of Oz Dorothy Wig

Dorothy's Dog Toto

You may have your own "Toto of a Dog" but if you're going to a costume party, you probably won't want him or her to tag along. The best option is a Toto in a basket. No fuss, no mess.