Online Fabric Stores
Buying Fabric Online

Online fabric stores offer fabric for all your sewing and crafting needs. Buying fabric online can be a savour when you live in an area that doesn't have access to fabric stores in your community, buying  fabric online is a great alternative.

Online Fabric Stores
Where to start?

Mention sewing fabric to a seamstress or quilter and you likely will strike a cord of excitement in them. There are two kinds of fibres, man made and natural. Natural fibres are made from plants or animals and consist of cotton, Wool, silk and linen.

Man made fibres is produced chemically. Some commonly known man made fibres are polyester, nylon, acetate, and spandex.

Textile companies have learned over the years, to take the best properties of both natural and, man made fibres and blend them.

For instance the breath ability of cotton and flexibility of spandex or the easy care of polyester with the warmth of wool.

There are so many different types of fabrics available online. Here are some of the categories of fabric you can find. Keeping in mind, this is only just a few examples.


Silk is a luxurious fabric. It is of course made by nature, the silk worm to be exact. There are many different types of silk fabrics, here are just a few.


Wool has of course been around for thousands of years. The fibers have been perfected, so that you don't necessarily feel that scratchy feeling that Wool is known for. Here are some examples of the many types of Wool fabrics available online.


Cotton is again a natural fiber. It is mixed and blended with so many other fibers. There are choices galore. Examples of cotton jersey, cotton poplin, and cotton velvet.

There are endless combination's of fibre blends available. Have a look at some of the online fabric stores below, just click the links.

Where to find Fabric on the web

Below are a few of the places I have found fabric online. Typically I will shop locally, but there are times when I can't find "the right fabric" I am looking for. There are pros and cons to online shopping in general, but I do find shopping for fabric at home very convenient.

Amazon is great place to buy fabric online.  Ordering from Amazon is easy, and the selection is really good. 

Fabric Links

Hancock Fabrics

Hancocks is a reliable place to buy fabric online. You will find a good selection of fabric and sewing related items.

Fabrics - Shop Hancock Fabrics for an incredible fabric selection and huge fabric discounts.

I like for many reasons and buying fabric online that are good quality and a good price is one of them.

Loralie Designs

Loralie Designs create exclusive whimsical fabrics. The fabric is high quality and I have used their fabrics for pyjamas and sleepwear. You could use it in quilting, nurses uniforms or what ever suits your fancy. 

Loralie Designs

Loralie Designer Fabrics, Fun Whimsical Fabric Designs Available, Click The Link Below.

Buying fabric online has been a saviour a number of times. I don't hesitat to shop online to find what I can't find at home. 

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