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Double welt pocket with flap by the butterfly method

The double welt pocket with flap using the butterfly method is a really easy and contemporary technique to make a pocket and attach a flap at the same

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Learn to Sew Article

Hello, My name is Maria Geer and I am the author of Stitch and Sew. I just finished up an article on the basics for a beginner to get starting with sewing:

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How To Sew

How to sew. Free advice, tips and techniques, for the beginner sewing enthusiast

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Adding Piping to a Flap or Collar: The Easy Way

This is the easiest way I know of adding piping to a flap or a collar. You can use this technique to make an iconic Chanel-inspired jacket, a sophisticated

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Bohemian Clothing Style

Bohemian Clothing Style-Is this your style? Find out.

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Make Your Own Website Using Solo Build It!

Make your own website using SBI. Share your passions and hobbies with the World. Start with Site Build It.

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How To Sew A Double Welt Pocket

I am going to show you how to make a double welt pocket using the traditional, but simplified, tailoring method called “five lines”. There are a few ways

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Free Kimono Top Sewing Project

The kimono top is the perfect alternative for casual Friday at the office. It is super easy to make and a great holiday gift. You can also wear it over

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Free Boho Chic Belt Tutorial

In case you feel lazy, or you are going somewhere where a purse is a hassle to carry, this version of boho chic belt has a pocket large enough for a thin

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Stela, the coin purse free pattern and tutorial

While you certainly don't need to make this coin purse pattern from leather –you can use vinyl or almost any fabric– it makes a good first project for

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