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Adding Bling with Fabric Stencils, Sew-On Jewels, and Sequins

I set about to liven up the Easy Princess Dress and in the process I wanted to demonstrate a few fun techniques. I'm using a snowflake motif and fake

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Free Sewing Projects Submission

Do you want to share your free sewing projects? Sew Stitch Learn is a great place to share.

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Sewing Pajama Bloomers

How to sew pajama bloomers for girls pajama bottoms

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Easy to Sew Pillow Patterns-CreateYour Own Home Decor

Pillow patterns and ideas for sewing pillows for any where in your home.

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The Easy Long Cardigan FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This is a super easy project. You'll see that there isn't a long tutorial because the design and construction are so simple. This cardigan is very minimalistic

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Sewing Machine Cabinets & Sewing Storage

Find sewing machine cabinets, storage solutions, and more.

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Sewing Ruffles and Sewing Gathers

Sewing Ruffles that look even and consistant is the key to a great looking ruffled garment or sewing projec

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Easy Sewing Projects

Easy Sewing Projects - Simple Sewing Projects For Beginner Sewing.

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Embroidery Sewing Machines Information

Embroidery sewing machines add unique charm to your home sewing projects. Find out more.

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Easy Princess Dress Pattern

Little girls often want to feel like princesses. I always felt the true enjoyment, watching my daughter wearing a costume I have made. For moms or grandmothers

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