Homemade Costumes

Make your own costume 

Making your own homemade costumes is fun and creative. I love to be able to use my imagination and create anything I want. If you have an idea for a costume you can make it. 

I have worked in the costume industry for many years, so I have had the privaledge of seeing many beautiful theatre quality costumes. Watching a master costume designer at work gives me great inspiration and I want to share it with you. 

Costumes give you freedom to break free of the usual fashion constraints and let your imagination fly.

The only thing holding you back from having a great costume is your imagination. I hope to inspire you and show you ways to make a costume you will be proud to wear.

My Homemade Costumes

Click any of the links to see how these costumes were made.

Sailor Moon Costume

homemade costumes

Burlesque Costume

Homemade Burlesque Costumes

Strawberry Shortcake 

strawberry shortcake costume

Dorothy Costume

Colonial Costumes

colonial clothing
colonial clothing

Steampunk Clothing

Steampunk clothing

Steampunk Clothing is a popular choice for wedding themes, as well as costume party dress up.

I have mentioned before that I work in a costume shop.

Requests for Steampunk fashion is rising and this is my latest creation. For a closer look click the photo to the left.

Where To Find Costume Sewing Patterns

There are a variety of costume sewing patterns available. If you can't find the exact pattern for the costume you want or need, I will show how to be creative and make costumes using more than one pattern.

Even if you are not a sewer or are a novice sewer, there are easy ways to make great costumes using sewing patterns.

Start by looking at the pattern companies costume pages for costume ideas and patterns that you would like to make.

Simplicity has the largest variety of costume patterns for all ages.

Burda carries a smaller selection of costume sewing patterns. It is worth looking at their selection.

Burda Style patterns now available at Simplicity.com!

McCalls and Butterick and KwikSew have a good variety of period costumes. These pattern companies offer accessory patterns for example crowns, jewelry, hats etc.

Go to www.butterick.com.

Go to www.mccalls.com

Costume Sewing Fabrics

When you purchase a costume sewing pattern, the instructions will tell you what fabric is suitable.

However, fabric can be expensive, so take the time to look for fabric on sale or clearance.

It can be quite expensive to make a costume, especially if you purchase supplies at full price. Keep in mind it is a costume.

Historical Costume 

I found this image and fell in love with the detail. The almost lost talent of garment making and embroidery is reflected here in the photo. I could stare at this for quite a while. 


Leave homemade costumes to Go to sewing patterns for more info on how to read patterns.

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