French Clothing 
Euro Chic-Is This Your Fashion Style? 

French Clothing-Euro Chic, is this your style?

What defines Euro Chic Fashion?

European Chic style is quality and sophistication with fashion forward edginess. Euro style has a way of making it look easy. It's as though it takes on a life of it's own.

Euro Chic French Fashion

Euro Chic French Fashion by monicahall featuring black sandals
  • It's about paying attention to the quality and the details. 

You don't need a lot of clothing pieces in your closet. What you do have, should work well together. European chic French clothing is not trendy.

It's not about showing off the labels you wear, that would be euro trash to put it bluntly.

Yves St. Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel are just a few icon fashion houses that exude European Chic.

Definition of Euro Chic French Fashion

French clothing is  a blend of edgy and classic and as the classic fashion style is, you don't have to try to look chic, it's because you are chic.

So what defines French fashion style? Here are few guidelines.

  1. You wear classic pieces with an edge. 
  2. You look polished and you pay attention to the details.
  3. You're not dictated to by trends, you create your own trend with style. 
  4. You realize French and Italian couture is very important in the relative aspect of life. 
  5. You definitely would not be caught in your workout wear anywhere but the gym. You don't wear sneakers in public, this would be fashion death.
  6. You wear quality with or without the high price tag.  

You don't have to pay excessively for this either.  Sew your own wardrobe. If choose do this, buy good quality fabrics and choose sewing patterns that reflect the examples of style given below.

 If you shop at a discount store, more often than not, you will get discount quality. That won't do for this fashion style.

If you are on a budget, shop the sale and clearance racks at the boutique shops or consignment stores in wealthy neighborhoods, you will be surprised what you find at a great price.

Euro Chic Style Wardrobe

The colors you choose


  • Charcoal Grey
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Navy Blue
  • Black,
  • White,
  • Camel
  • Cream 
Euro Chic Colors


  • Deep Plums and Purples
  • Deep & Bright Reds
  • Golds
  • Animal Prints- Cheetah, Tiger, Snake, Crocodile Etc.
  • Burnt Orange
  • Yellow Okra
  • Earthy Green
Euro Chic Colors

French Clothing: Euro Chic Fabrics

Euro Chic Fabric

Euro chic is about quality. French clothing, shoes, handbags etc. are made with quality fabrics and leathers.

  • Fine Wools
  • Boucle
  • Taffeta
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Leather/animal skin,Crocodile 
  • Cashmere
  • Denim
  • Cotton
  • Lace
Euro Chic Fabrics

Euro Chic French Style Essentials


Blouses & Cami's

Blouses are a staple for the Euro Chic style.

  • Silk tie blouse
  • Fitted cotton shirt
  • Lace blouse
  • Sleeveless blouse
  • Lace Camisoles
Euro Chic Blouses

Euro Chic Skirts

Euro Chic skirts have movement of some kind. Whether it's gathers, layered ruffles, draping, or pleated, a skirt is not usually slim fitted. Here are some examples.

  •  Ruffled layered skirt
  • Denim Skirt
  • Draped Pencil Skirt
  • Gathered Skirt
  • Pleated Skirt
Euro Chic skirts

Euro Chic Pants

French Clothing style for pants, is  slim fitting, with the exception of a chic wide legged pair of jeans.

The length of your pants should not be too long or short. The front should just dust your shoes.

  • Wide Legged Jeans
  • White Trousers
  • Dressy Slacks with Sheen
  • Slim Fitting  Black Pants
Euro Chic Pants

Euro Chic Dresses

Euro Chic dresses, can be fitted or flowing.

Much like a skirt though there is style movement with pleats, gathers, ruching, and draping.

  • Shift Dress
  • Chiffon Dress
  • Fitted Dress with Draping
Euro Chic Dresses


The Euro Chic blazer can be fitted, tuxedo,and  boyfriend over sized.

  1. The fitted blazer is the go to blazer, for jeans, skirts and dresses. It works well with just about everything. I suggest having two, a dark and a light color in your closet. If this is not in the budget, then start with a dark grey or black.
  2. The tuxedo blazer is dressy with satin lapels and trim and is most often fitted. You can wear this blazer for day or night, but most often is worn after 5:00 PM.
  3. Over sized blazers, should not be sloppy. Your blazer should fit well at the shoulders. It is a little more of a boxy cut, "menswear look" but should not look like it is too big. The sleeves should be at the wrist in length, but rolling them up is a nice touch. The length should be at the hip. Where this blazer with skinny jeans or leggings to show a sleek silhouette.
  • Fitted
  • Tuxedo
  • Oversize Style
Euro Chic Blazers

Coats and Jackets

  • Camel Winter Coat
  •  Colored Winter Coat
  • Evening Wrap Coat
  • Short Off White Jacket
  • Neutral Boucle Jacket
  • Bright Color Short Jacket
Euro Chic Coats

Euro Chic Accessories


Euro chic style shoes almost always are heels, the only  exceptions may be flats with with embellishments of bows or buckles.

  • Ankle Boots
  • T-Straps
  • Jewel Tone Flats
  • Delicate Ankle Strap Flats
  • Classic Pump
  • Sling Back
Euro Chic Shoes


  • Euro Chic accessories such as rings, bracelets, and watches are chunky show pieces.
Euro Chic Jewels


Belts are skinny and wide usually black or animal print.

  • Waste Cincher
  • Skinny Black Belt
  • Skinny Gold Chain Belt
  • Wide Jewel Tone Crocodile Belt
Euro Chic Belts


Some may disagree, but I say never buy a faux handbag. What I mean by faux is man made. You can find lesser priced leather  handbags that look expensive. In my opinion faux looks...well...fake. Euro chic French clothing  is never fake.

  • Black Leather Day Bag
  • Clutch Bag
  •  Quilted Chanel Bag
  • Oversize Travel Bag
Euro Chic Handbags

Scarves and Gloves

Leather and cashmere what could be better? If the price tag is too high though, choose gloves with wool lining for warmth in your gloves and scarves that are a fine wool knit.

  • Chunky Loop Scarf
  • Printed Scarf
  • Solid Color Scarf
  • Black leather Gloves & Buckles
  • Jewel Tone Leather Gloves
  • Wool or Cashmere lined Leather Gloves
Euro Chic Accessories

Sewing Your Own French Style

Sew Stitch Learn is all about learning to sew. Encouraging you to think outside the box and create your own style and fashion. That is what this website is about. 

Now that you have a sense of the French fashion style, and you believe this is the style for you, think about sewing a few key pieces for your closet. There are plenty of sewing patterns that are easy and will get you started. My first pic for this style would be Vogue patterns. Vogue sewing patterns are designed with the "high fashion" crowd in mind. Click the link to see what Vogue sewing patterns have to offer. 

More Fashion Advice

For more information about wardrobe and fashion leave French Clothing and jump to wardrobe essentials.

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